500L (12m) Contain-A-Brew

Technical Datasheet

Part 1 - Grain Milling System

Part 2 - 2 X Vessel Brewhouse


Part 3 - Fermenting & Bright Beer Tank (BBT) System


Part 4 - Glycol Cooling System

Part 5 - CIP Cleaning system

Part 6 - PID Automatic Controller

Part 7 - 40ft (12m) Container

Quality Control:

  1. All the machines will be customized to your electricity supply requirements.
  2. All tanks are
    • Constructed with high quality SUS304 food grade stainless steel, all pipes are SUS304.
    • Tested and subjected to Non-Destructive Testing to ensure no leakage.
    • TIG full welded, acid pickled and passivated.
    • Mirror polished internally


We provide:

  • All the drawings for your confirmation before production, and our factory will produce your CONTAIN-A-BREW accordingly.
  • Glycol cooling piping, tank piping connection drawings and operation manuals;

Warranty Terms:

  1. The main machinery is guaranteed for three years
  2. Accessories and electronic components have a one year warranty
  3. We offer maintenance, technical service and support

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